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"I got the highest 'A' I've ever gotten in that English class, thanks to your help!!"
- Amanda LaRue regarding the Proofreading Service

"I can't thank you enough!  You're the best!  The two papers you proofread for me were a total success, 100% A+'s!  I also wanted to let you know your advice was great.  You've really helped my writing!"
- Nancy E. O'Neil regarding the Proofreading Service



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"You really went into specific detail from an educator's perspective.  Your ESL teaching background makes the difference.  All your help is very much appreciated.  You provide a good quality service!"
- Yvonne Dunlop regarding the Proofreading Service

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an English Education, Proofreading & Translation Service
a place where you can get your papers corrected and your specific questions answered

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