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  • GET an  on grammar, structure, vocabulary usage, punctuation, 
    spelling, etc., on your next English report

  • GET your RÉSUMÉ and important letters and documents for your English-speaking clients and friends corrected!

  • GET a personal evaluationof your work with comments
    targetingareas in which you can improve your English efficiently

  • GET expressions for use at your business, your school, etc., e.g. on signs
    or advertisements, translated into

  • GET the thorough and precise answers you need to the particular
    you have about English!

  • GET access to weekly translation exercisesand win the
    weekly translation contest through our on-line

  • GET a great opportunity to learn English, the internationallanguage,
    at your convenience by registering for our

  • GET on-line and enter our "Let's Talk English" forum; practice your
    English in a low-pressureenvironment and make friends

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