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"The sky's your limit!"

To review the contract for the "Referral Specialist" position described below in Word (.doc) format , click "HERE"!

Do you want to get in on the ground floor and have a chance to grow with and make a REAL impact on, contribution to and difference in an organization?  Do you want to be appropriately valued and appreciated for the work you do?  Do you want to have professional flexibility, worldwide job possibilities and a variety of long-term occupational options?   Or, do you just want to make some extra cash?  If so, this might be for you!  Now that we have garnered our first company account, we are presently looking for diversely-skilled and motivated people to help get the good word out about "" as "Referral Specialists".

To start, our "Referral Specialists" will be given a HUGE


of ANY business coming from them.  ALSO, ALL clientele generated by a "Referral Specialist" will PERMANENTLY remain with that "Referral Specialist", i.e., you will get 20% of EVERY future order from EVERY client you garner!!!  The greater, long-term objective here is for our "Referral Specialists" to move onward and upward in the company.  However, "where" you want to go with this is up to you.  We are ultimately looking for some to advance to the position of "Regional Marketing Manager" (the next logical step).  Our "Regional Marketing Managers" would no longer be working on a specific referral-by-referral basis.  Instead, as a "Regional Marketing Manager", you would be given your region, e.g. the state of Hawaii, southern California, the city of Suwon (South Korea), etc., and a percentage of ALL the orders coming from that region and/or a salary and all the other perks one would expect.

HOWEVER, and this is where the "flexibility", "variety" and "diversity" comes in, if "marketing/sales" is really not the track you want to be on, there will surely be due opportunity to move laterally.  Other, salary positions I foresee needing to fill in the immediacy as the company grows include (in order of necessity and importance as I see it now):  Proofreaders and Editors, Translators and Interpreters, Accountants and Bookkeepers, Personnel and Office Managers, Network Engineers, Program Analysts and Web Developers.  So, if you succeeded as a "Referral Specialist" and were not interested in becoming a "Regional Marketing Manager", a position in one of those areas (or one of those listed in the next section below) could definitely be a possibility.  Point being, a diversity of occupational opportunities will be abound and the sky will be your limit!

Also, given the "boundary-less" nature of the business, worldwide positions will undoubtedly eventually become available.  For fairly obvious reasons, our initial target markets are Korea and the U.S., but in reality the services and features provided hereby both currently and foreseeably are valuable and/or needed in all four corners of the globe.  So, once again, the sky will be your limit with respect to working globally.

It is sort of like together we make your dream, and in the process my dream for this company, come true.  THAT IS MY VISION FOR THIS!  If you are looking for a position with a steadily growing company that just needs some "people-power" to help really get it off the ground, but which will afford you a sincere opportunity to make a difference while also valuing and caring about you accordingly, you have probably come to the right place.  So, if the above intrigues you and you would like to have a phone interview, contact Steven Stegeman via e-mail to or by phone at (732)768-6363.  We look forward to hearing from you!

General Opportunities

Given the nature of the business of the English Master, we are always on the lookout for bright, energetic people with backgrounds in:

  • Teaching, especially of English and Language Arts, ESL/EFL and Foreign Languages or any Social Science or Liberal Arts field where a lot of reading and writing is required,

  • Computer Programming, particularly Network Engineers, Program Analysts and Web Developers,

  • Foreign Languages, such as Interpreters, Translators or Teachers,

  • Editing/Proofreading,

  • Marketing/Advertising,

  • Management, mainly Personnel and Office Managers,

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping,

  • Business and International Law,

  • or just about anybody who believes he or she has something good to contribute!


If you are interested in working at the English Master, feel free to send your cover letter and resume to the e-mail address below!

Don't forget to attach your cover letter and resume!

We look forward to hearing from you!  Thank You for your interest and Good Luck to you in all of your endeavors!

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