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-----The English Master teaches a convenient on-line Korean class ideal for (English speaking) expatriates living and working in Korea, U.S. military personnel serving in Korea or students who are studying or majoring in Korean and are looking to augment their education with a more practical, yet systematic, approach.  The approach he has used to teach Korean parallels his step-by-step English as a Foreign Language teaching method which he has meticulously developed over a 6+-year period and has been using at the university level for 3+ years (more related information in the Pertinent Biography section).  The class is useful to those who do not have time to squeeze a "formal" class into their schedules, but, for motivation, need some kind of structured environment within which to study.  This class will work for you whether you know a little Korean or want to begin building your Korean from the bottom up as the goal of the class is to heighten students' understanding of the general mechanics of the language.  The class is not for advanced learners, however.  

-----Students of the on-line Korean class have most of the benefits of a classroom education or having a tutor with the added advantage of being able to study at their convenience.  Students are able to pose questions, do homework assignments, etc., all without having to be at a specific place at a scheduled time.  The lessons are administered at a moderate and even pace, consistent with a step-by-step approach.  Each lesson has an intrinsic and intricate connection to the others.  You can think of each lesson as a small, but indispensable puzzle piece of the big puzzle of a foreign language, in this case Korean.  After just a short time you will notice a sizable growth in your understanding of Korean, and (foreign) languages in general, as the lessons focus on transferable skills.

-----Finally, a special note to EFL instructors in Korea - if you are an EFL instructor and have never studied a (foreign) language as a foreign language, besides allowing you to better enjoy and understand Korean culture and society, learning Korean will give you a better perspective and higher understanding of the position your students are in, not to mention the fact that you can sometimes use it in class when trying to expedite an explanation.  Speaking the language of your students and using it constructively in class is not to be looked upon negatively as it is often viewed as counter-productive.  In all seven years of my formal foreign language education, I never had a teacher that was not, at least, bilingual.  Think about it for a moment.  Discounting the utility of it, what kind of foreign language teacher does not speak a foreign language?  Even if you decide not to use it in class, just by being able to speak a little of your students' language you are setting a good example.  This is all notwithstanding the fact that, in general, the ability of westerners in Korea, particularly of English teachers, to communicate in Korean is disgraceful and embarrassing.

Course Administration

The on-line Korean class is administered in four-week blocks, each needing to be registered for separately.  During each four-week session, there are 12 two-day lessons:  the Sunday-Monday, Tuesday-Wednesday and Thursday-Friday lessons; i.e., each week three lessons are taught.  On Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, the new lesson is posted at a password protected section of the web site, homework is given on an interactive web page, and questions pertaining to the lesson may be posted on a message board by the students.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, an answer key for the homework assignment and responses to key questions posed on the message board are posted.

Course Synopsis

At present, the English Master is only offering a Level 1 beginners class.  The main concepts introduced and practiced in the first four-week session are:   a brief and practical overview of Hangul - the alphabet, the past, present and future formation of the four verb groups in the most useful, flexibly usable and easy-to-use form, pronouns, subject/direct object tags, sentence formation, question formation and the General Information Question Words, and some key prepositions.  Obviously, all of this will be accompanied by a substantial amount of practical vocabulary and expressions.  As the lessons themselves are interconnected, so will be the sessions.  The next four-week block would simply pick up where the former session left off.

Course Schedule, Fees & Registration

The first session of the on-line Korean class with commence on Sunday,
November 4th
and continue through Friday, November 30th!  Each 4-week session, including this first one, is offered to you for only...


You will be paying just $1.75 per class!

You can register NOW for the
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NOTE:  Late registrants will be accepted through Wednesday, November 7th.  These students will have access to the URL's of the first two lessons they missed.  HOWEVER, we must receive a secured payment or have secured your payment in our bank account, e.g., the approval of a credit card, the clearing of a check, the receipt of a money order by mail or the time-stamp of a wire transfer by the end of our business day on November 7th.



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